End of lesson 5, my results

Here a sketchfab of my lamp

And its rendered animation

Now I must agree that the export on sketchfab does not include fixed rigging, but my model has quite a few more bones than the course and I must study how to make them match. For now I have turned the animation of on sketchfab. Hope you still enjoy it!


Nice job, Psychokiller! Is nice to see the end results. I have yet to do mine.

Thank you! Looking forward to see yours!

WOW!! That is awesome! I just started section 3.

Were you a complete beginner when you started? Just wondering, because I sometimes doubt if I can progress past the boxy type models.

Again, great work!

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Thank you! Total and complete beginner to Blender. Not new at all when it comes to computer, but that has nothing to do with it :slight_smile: You’ll see, it goes fast, @Michael_Bridges does explain very well and makes your learning curve very easy to bring you to a high point of understanding with a lot of practice. Don’t forget to try out things, go into it, behond the lessons, draw other stuffs, share, show, shine brighter!

I have had some experience with Blender and making a few things before I took this class but nothing I have done prior to this even comes close to the things I have learned taking this class. Not to mention, it is great to see how everyone puts their own private spin on the projects.

Michael and Ben have done a wonderful job creating this set of classes and they should be really really pleased how well well you have done, Psycho, especially if you were a complete beginner! :slight_smile: Again, great job!