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I have yet to begin the Unity 3D course to help me learn C#, however I’m wondering to what extent the games created in the course would be easily customisable? Ideally I’m looking to grasp the basics and the go about by myself to expand upon that and make truly my own game. I’d appreciate any input :slight_smile:

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Since everybody is an individual learner, I’m afraid there is no way to answer your question. “Easy” is relative. However, I have seen multiple awesome games in the past couple of years where students added their own ideas to our rather simple course projects. Other students applied the knowledge from this course to make their own games. Of course, they also did some research themselves on the internet to learn more because the fundamentals did not always solve their unique problems.

My personal advice would be to simply start developing your game when you feel ready. Nobody knows everything. Encountering problems and getting stuck is normal even for experienced game developers. Just stick with those problems and look for sources to learn more if your current knowledge does not help you solve them. :slight_smile:

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice over on our Discord chat server.

Good luck!

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Thank you! I’ll keep this in mind! And thanks for the Discord server link too, I didn’t realise there was one :slight_smile:

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