Curious issue on the Multiplayer course

Hey Everyone,

I have an issue with the placement of buildings in the Multiplayer course. I guess at somepoint I just ignored the fact that the Physics.Checkbox(…) was returning false each time and I just put a ! in front and it placed the buildings fine. When I realized (quite a few videos later) what I had done I went to fix it but I can’t place buildings. The Physics.Checkbox(…) always returns false, and I’ve confirmed the code is the same so it’s most likely what I have on the objects. Does anyone know of any common gotchas? I can provide the code and screenshots of the prefabs if necessary. And yes, there is a box collider on the building I’m attempting to spawn in.

Hi there,
Were you able to figure this out? If not would like to post the code you are referring to and I can help you out? (Sorry for the late reply on this one).

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