CSS Style Tweak for Wiki History Reason for Change


Would it be possible to tweak the CSS style for the Wiki History Reason for Change, this is a tad tricky to read…

-modal span.edit-reason {
background-color: #ffffc2;

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Changing so I can see the issue!

Appears fixed on desktop and mobile. Setting to auto-close in 48h.

Nope and nope.


Mobile (Samsung S6):

Auto-close removed as per conventions

Hmm, @sampattuzzi can you see this in the CSS?

Waiting on @sampattuzzi coming back online after x-mas. @Rob to help us find it can you see the HEX value of that ugly colour? e.g. #17AA1C ?

I posted it above @Ben - July 24th…

Thanks, missed that #ffffc2. I can’t see that color anywhere in the CSS or settings.

I suppose it is entirely possible it has chamged since July, how about searching the css file for the id instead, i would imagine that would still be the same?

If you still can’t see it let me know and I’ll get the laptop out and inspect element…

@Ben, I think these screenshots should cover it, the css details are contained within and highlights on the right;

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, bumping to the all-knowing @sampattuzzi

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I changed the text to black. How’s it now?

Just checked on my mobile and it is much better!

One thing, the buttons for navigating up and down through the number of historic edits, the left / previous arrow is black whilst all the others are white, makes it look like you cant click to go any further, but obviously you can.

Not sure if its related/using the same css?

The free and cheap indie resources wiki is a handy topic for viewing this, because of all of the entries.

I can’t reproduce. Could you send a screenshot?

From mobile…

It may have done this before and not be related, but I dont recall noticing it previously. In black it looks as if yoy cant go back further, yet you clearly can. This is what I would expect if it got to revision 1 (or the button disappears etc)

Just checked that a bit more. It does it for the right arrows also. Seems to be what ever was pressed last?

If you go to the very first record or last, the arrows disappear as you would expect.

Updated Fri Jan 06 2017 14:58

Desktop Behaviour: Hover over icon, icon changes to black instead of white, move mouse away, icon goes back to white.

Mobile Behaviour: Icon starts off white, tap icon to traverse pages in either direction, icon changes to and remains black unless another icon is tapped. Issue repeats.

It would be handy to rule out the text change of black has effected this, if we can, maybe by temporarily changing the text colour to blue or something and seeing if the arrow also changes to blue, then I will move this to a separate issue.

Should be fixed now. Does that give better affordance in blue?

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Hi @sampattuzzi, looks much better and works well - thank you :slight_smile:

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