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Hi all!

I think a great idea for a new course would be cryengine!

Why would this be a good idea for a course?

  • Cryengine is 100% free, unlike unreal or unity.
  • There is not much documentation available about cryengine a.t.m.
  • It is a very powerful engine, just hard to get started due to lack of documentation.

I know cryengine is not that famous, but is a shame there are so few tutorials available for this amazing engine :frowning:

EDIT: As Lumberyard is based on cryengine, and it is more recent, it might be a better idea to make a lumberyard course.


I don’t know if you know this, but Crytek was close to bankruptcy in 2012, and Amazon bought their engine. They are currently developing (it’s in beta) a new engine called Lumberyard, which is based on Cryengine. Since this engine is also free, I think that Cryengine will become obsolete relatively soon. People still use Cryengine 3, and that’s fine, but if are going to make any more courses on other engines than Unreal Engine and Unity, Lumberyard would be a better choice than Cryengine in my opinion.

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I did not knew that, thanks for the info. Still, it doesn’t matter if lumberyard is based on cryengine. I’m not familiar at all with it but i’m pretty sure that its far from obsolete. Cryengine V was released last year and they are still updating it. However i do agree that making a course for lumberyard might be a better idea, as it is a newer (better?) engine.

I support the idea for making separate courses for CryEngine V and Lumberyard. It is always better to give game developers more options.

Referring to CryEngine V itself, I do think its main drawback is lack of documentation. The most of books, video courses and samples which can be found online are for CryEngine 3. However, when CE V released last year, crytek said they are fully aware of the issue about lack of documentation. However, one year passed, the online resources for CE V is still much insufficient, even comparing to CE 3. This fact with the studio shutdown news of Crytek make me believe that it is very risky to use CryEngine V if you(as a game developer) are planning to start a new game development project right now.

On another side, I really like the payment options of CE V and technology breakthroughs happened on this platform, and really wish Crytek can overcome the current difficulties and continue their legend. More and better development tools, better and easier life for game developers. So I support the idea for making course for CryEngine V. I guess there are lots of game developers will be interesting on it if you can delivery a useful course, at least, be better than the official documents.

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I got CryEngine a while ago but haven’t really done much with it. I also downloaded Lumberyard but I don’t think I’ve even tried it at all yet. Either way, I’d like to see a course in one of these two engines.

I’ve been waiting for Ben to create a Lumberyard course, as well. It’s the engine I’ve decided that I want to create games with due to the power, the functionality, and Amazon’s licensing. For those who did not know, Amazon is allowing creators to release content with Lumberyard 100% royalty free. The only restriction is that if your IP requires online hosting, you must use Amazon Web Services. That’s how they plan to make money. However, if you host your own hardware locally, or you develop peer to peer communication (i.e. Minecraft), then you get to avoid having to toss any money to Amazon.

Additionally, Lumberyard has integrated APIs, a 3D modeler, and a drag/drop GUI scripting interface that builds the C++ for you. You can still jump into the C++ to hand script if you’d like, as well.

So, I do hope Ben considers creating a LY course.

@Herb_Lerp - It just occurred to me that it may be beneficial to adjust the title of this post to “Cryengine / Lumberyard” so folks who are interested in LY will be drawn to this as well. Just my 2-cents. ( :

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@Ken_Vernon Will do that right away!

Amazon didn’t buy the engine, the licensed it (reportedly for somewhere between $50-$70M, and it’s not clear whether they have access to CryEngine’s future updates). Since then Lumberyard has focused on integration with AWS and making Lumberyard modular. CryTek has taken the funds to launch CryEngine V and continue to push the graphics envelope. Lumberyard and CryEngine V are already very different beasts.

I would also say that CryEngine now has better documentation and tutorials than Lumberyard, but still really lacking. I would love to see courses for both!! I’m also reviewing both for their licensing (and quality) benefits over Unity and Unreal, so I would immediately jump on buying both courses (even at full price)!

EDIT: I am testing both now, Lumberyard is still very much a beta product. It’s a little buggy on my system (for example, for some reason the scenes vibrate badly in the viewport making it completely unusable, but I haven’t seen that anyone else is experiencing this) and some of the tutorials are already out of date. I’ve only dipped my toe in CryEngine V but so far I think it’s an amazing product.

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yes please make a course for Cryengine or Lumberyard
her is a list of games may be good to make in Cryenigne or Lumberyard
1.Simple FPS Game
2.Simple Third Person Game
3.Small open world game
4.Survival Game
5.Top Down Shooter
Side not please make a course for Cryengine V i tryed Lumberyard not bad not good as Cryengine V

I need this course too . CryEngine is perfecly to make FPS game

Interesting update to Lumberyard, they removed their module based scripting, and implemented LUA bound to C++ scripting.

Additionally, the Star Citizen development team made the decision to switch to Lumberyard. I can’t wait to see the end results of that. ( :

It seems Amazon is really pushing hard to make Lumberyard a heavy hitter in the industry. Beta 1.10 is out now.

Lumberyard needs its own course. I’m developing on Lumberyard live on Twitch, and Lumberyard developers contacted me about it, asking me what I’d like to see. I told them to look up Ben Tristem’s tutorials on Udemy, and I was told, “It’s funny that you mention him. We were just talking about him in the office today.” I’m hoping they get in contact with Ben, and perhaps pay him up front to do something. But first, they need to get all the major updates done for Lumberyard, or else it would be pointless to get a really good tutorial out there. It would be obsolete before they even finished it. So much stuff, like even Gepetto, is considered legacy, and it’s leaving a lot of questions up in the air right now. With the new visual scripting tool set to come out soon, honestly, we need to wait for these things to get done first.

Definitely would love to see a Lumberyard tutorial though.

Everones hold always learn from basic and in my opinion using cryengine would be best my friend.

I will back this course if they made it.
I like the coding style of the engine rather than unreal engine and to me Cryengine course is better than Lumberyard because from what i’ve seen and know lumberyard is built based on cryengine and cryengine has the latest version. I was able to use 5.4 and visual studio 2017 unlike lumberyard that supported VS 2015 so their developer team have no focus on the new update for the tools that goes with the engine

Frankly I’m having hard time implementing code in Cryengine with the new entity system in C++ , I’m having slow progress and i’d like to see how I can implement my own C++ A* and behaviour tree to a character in Cryengine. I don’t like using premade features like flow graph

We’re in early discussions with Amazon, so there’s progress here.


Yes to Lumberyard! I’ve been wanting to learn this game engine. It’s pretty exciting since Amazon seems to be very dedicated in improving it. They’ve added so much features in a short amount of time.

Can’t you make CryEngine Course

Before I decided on learning Unreal via your course, I also looked at Unity and CryEngine.

The thing that put me off CryEngine (and therefore also Lumberyard) is that it doesn’t appear to support macOS in any capacity. Not only is that true for the engine and developing with the engine itself, but unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think I recall any previous CryEngine game even being released on macOS.

I know it’s a comparatively small market but it seems like a bit of a glaring omission, and the polar opposite to what other engine tech is doing.

Lumberyard supports Mac OSX it is currently in preview.

I am like to new generation game engine cry engine v course. all about cry engine v is just awesome .

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