Creating a server via netmode: client does not work

Hey, I noticed that when I choose the Netmode: Client inside the editor, the creation of a server does not work. It all only works currently when I run the game via the batch script. But in the lesson it seems to work for Kaan. What might be the reason?

I’m not sure. I know 5.3 has problems and it did work in 5.2.1 at some point but I can’t say why it stopped working. I suspect that the OSS plugins were updated in 5.2.2 or later builds and this caused issues. Generally I use command-line to perform these tests and usually work with the unreal editor closed when writing C++ only and run it from the command-line.

It causes issues when working with the menus but when you get on further in the course you’re working in the level with 2 players and so there isn’t an issue. There is probably a solution to this and so if I find it I will share.

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