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@Rob and I both had the same idea and I wanted to run it by others here. We are both Lifetime members, who get all of Ben’s courses for free, but we still want to contribute something to Ben’s KickStarter for the RPG. Thus, we in essence have a coupon code for the class that isn’t used at all. We would like to see that course go to something productive. Personally, I wish someone had given me a chance to do such a course when I was younger, and I suspect there are a lot of others out there who would like to do the same thing.

What I’m first of all wondering is, does this sound appealing to someone? Would you be willing to give a free course coupon to a complete stranger? What kinds of things should be done to get that coupon?

I’m thinking a small essay, maybe 250 words or less, explaining why they need the course, and what they hope to accomplish with it. We (Unsure what we entails here) vote on the best essays, and award them with our otherwise unused coupons. To start with, we could probably just manage it via this form, although we could probably branch out to a dedicate website if it gets to be too much. Someone would collect the coupon codes (Maybe me?) via direct messaging, and give them out to the people who will be awarded with them. What do you guys thing about this?

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Sounds like a great idea, but how would a person know about the potential coupons? A post the Facebook page? If the target audience is a younger generation then the Facebook may not be the best avenue. Any thoughts?

That is the trick I suppose. I’m thinking of doing a blog post, which I’m quite sure that Ben would be more than willing to advertise. I’ll have to give that a bit more thought…

Initially I was thinking of the younger students, and also, in my mind’s eye, the kind of scenario where schools could be approached etc, how there are so.many complexities with regards to safe guarding and so on around all of that. I personally would find it very rewarding to help mentor a group of youngsters. Later I realised that being online in its nature there are a few hurdles to over come, for example, how would you know that someone really couldnt afford one of the courses and wasnt just scamming.

@Ben_Pearson’s suggestion of a short essay is a good idea and a fairly traditional one, e.g. twll us why you think this should go to you… but… I worry that if not guided carefully applicants could feel a bit beggy… and I would hate for that… as this is supposed to be a positive and supportive gesture… also, not everyone will be the best at writing, others may have a talent for drawing or some other creative talent.

There was a young lad a while a go on the Facebook group for the Blender course and he was desperate to take the course. He wanted initially the materials and said that he had already got a copy of the course (downloaded/shared videos)… bit naughty but he was greeted in a friendly manner by the group who recommended he purchased the course. He then went on to ask people, including myself, via facebook messages whether we would be able to help him directly, e.g. teach him.

Whilst making a mistake regarding getting copies of the videos in the first place, to which he was honest enough to admit when asked, he had enormous enthusiasm but clearly limited means.

One of the other considerations is the global nature of the course platform and the forums. There will be people from lots of varying countries with varying language skills.

I have wondered whether maybe asking them to put forward their idea for a game, in the essay suggestion, may be better than asking ehy they should have it etc, of course, then you enter into the trust arena… will people want to share their “great idea”…

I would really like to try and push the concept of paying it forwards through this too, hoping that, if even just a few people who get a code to get a course for free then go on to help out a few more people, whether its just answering some questions for some more beginners or even later on backing a kickstarter themselves and then donating their coupon, the whole thing will have made a really significant difference to not just a few initial recipients but potentially a lot more.

I would be quite happy to review a drawing, a storyboard or an essay or anything really but I would like to know a little bit about the person too, what motivates them, what they like, why do they want to learn to code and make games etc.

I think how it works will definitely need some serious thought if it can go forwards, which I would love to see, I do feel that the team need to be steering it also as obviously it is their brand and what is done by us along these or other lines could reflect on them and that needs to remain in a positive light.

I am really pleased that I am amongst like minded people on this specific topic though, it is really encouraging that the world, despite all the things you hear about in the news, has some wonderful and kind hearted people in it. So regardless of what happens, thank you :slight_smile:

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really neat idea guys :slight_smile: im pretty sure Ben wouldnt mind at all.
from my perspective im with Rob, it doesnt have to be an essay, they just have to show something be it art, story board or anything to make people trust them i guess .
it would be a nice community activity :slight_smile:

The thing that I’m a bit worried is if we ask for some kind of artwork or example of what they have already done, it will tend to attract people who are a bit advanced from what the courses really aim for their base level. An essay would tend to attract people begging I suppose, but I’m not quite sure. I do like the idea of asking them what they hope to accomplish with the course. Hmmm…

Maybe we don’t specify, and just suggest, for example;

“Share with us how this course would benefit you via a medium of your choice, a short essay, pictures, a storyboard a song - we don’t mind.”

Obviously not the above text, which I blurted out without a lot of thinking, but something along those lines where we give them some suggestions of potential mediums and let them choose - then there’s no right/wrong way, there’s no specification on how short/long, they can individually let some creativity flow.

Thought only - I think we are all agreeing that this specific area needs a little more fleshing out - which is great, as we can all bounce ideas off of each other and see where it leads.

I guess there are probably other things out there on the web too, competitions or whatever, which would run similar types of activities to help them choose a “winner” as it were. We could always look across those for some inspiration. For me, the main focus would be on someone I felt it would really help, so whether perhaps they were a little less privileged, a youngster with no financial backing, someone who’s had a fairly rough time of it and is trying to turn things around for themselves - these are the causes which would probably tug on my heart strings.

(don’t tell anyone that I have this super soft interior or else my man of steel persona will be destroyed :wink: )

I like that idea. I’m kind of thinking of this being a relatively informal process until such time that we actually have a decent amount of people applying for it, in which case we would move to a more formal system. Actually, I’m thinking of setting up a Google Form or two, giving access to the output from it for a few people, and going from there. That’s pretty straightforward overall, so… is an example of collecting the coupon codes, for instance. would work for those requesting the codes.

Okay, I’m going to put together a blog post mentioning at least our rough ideas of this, and see how it goes. Will see if there is any interest, but at least being on the blog it’s semi-official.

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Great idea guys


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