Connection Timeout using Hamachi

Hi there,

I am not being able to connect between two machines of mine using Hamachi.
The client is giving me a time out.

LogNet: Warning: UNetConnection::Tick: Connection TIMED OUT. Closing connection.. Elapsed: 60.01, Real: 60.00, Good: 60.00, DriverTime: 60.01, Threshold: 60.00, [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr: [hamachiip]:7777, Name: IpConnection_0, Driver: PendingNetDriver IpNetDriver_0, IsServer: NO, PC: NULL, Owner: NULL, UniqueId: INVALID

I have checked ports and I have no problem connecting server & clients within the same machine.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, for the record the problem was Windows Firewall.

Following the intructions from the next link I was able to fix the issue.


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