Computer stops working after adding the GridSystem Script

After I create the “testing” gameobject and put the GridSystem script on it and click Play, there is a progress bar “loading Unity scripts” and that never finishes.

Chrome, unity, everything becomes non-responsive. I have to manually shut down the computer holding the power button.

I freed up a lot of space on my computer, did a full scan for virueses, freed up as much ram as possible.

If I dont add the gridsystem script, then it works fine…

Why does only my computer do this and not yours?

Computer stats:
Intel i7 6820hq 2.7ghz
32 gb ram
nvidia m2000m 4gb

You likely have something wrong in your code that is causing an infinite loop. Show the code you added and we’ll find it.

Paste in your GridSystem.cs script and we’ll take a look.

Ok you were right guys. There was an error in code. This was supposed to be “z” and I had made it “x”.

I didn’t double check it. I triple checked it, and I still didn’t notice the error.
I guess my brain had decided not to work at that moment.

Thank you

that would do it. Good job on finding that!

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