Compiler not showing up

I have the raylib folder I have vs studio and the template folder but the compiler just isn’t there. the files in my raylib are minige, npp, and raylib. the ray lib folder dose ha a vs code folder but it doesn’t seem to be connecting to vs itself.

The only part not showing up is the raylib compiler thing

The compiler is the file g++.exe that is in the mingw/bin folder.

Leave it there.

If you have a cloned vscode-template folder, and you did all of the things to make it a workspace, etc., the operation in VSCode to hook things up for compiling is to select the VSCode menu “Terminal” and from the list that comes down, choose “Configure Default Build Task …”.
That should give you at least one choice to select from. You want the one that specifies “compiler: C:\raylib\mingw\bin\g++.exe”. The first time you do that, VSCode shows you a file (tasks.json) that has some changes in it. Save that file by typing Ctrl+S.

Now VSCode can find the compiler and use it to translate a C++ program to a machine language .exe that implements that program.

When you do your first program there is a little more to have done. I believe the latest Lecture 2 video tells you how to set up for that.

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