Compile Issue

I can’t compile my code I don’t know what’s happening but it can’t compile

when I compile my code there are no changes on the Unreal Engine. It compiles successfully but there are no changes on my Unreal Engine. I follow the Unreal Engine C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games course Section 5 on Lecture 136. Can anyone help?

Are you sure you saved your files first? Because that is saying there’s nothing to compile, the compiled code already reflects the source code - hence “up to date”.

yes, I use the auto save on VSCode

I already tried to compile it on the VSCode but it says “fatal error”

Did you close Unreal first?


Do you get the same issue if your restart your PC?

yes if I shut down my PC and I turn on it again I have to compile my code again, it doesn’t save the code at all on the Unreal Engine.

By same issue I meant the one in the last screenshot. So you have now successfully compiled with Unreal closed?

No, I still can’t compile my code with the Unreal closed

Have you moved things around or anything recently?

That could be caused by restrictive file permissions or an overzealous antivirus program. Making it so that the .dll can’t be overwritten.

no, I don’t move anything on the project folder

This was previously successfully compiling, right?


Are you able to create a Unreal C++ project?


Have you checked the folder permissions of the ToonTanks folder?

not yet

Hello, Do you find the solution for this issue? Because I still can’t find the solution for this issue.

I’m waiting for you to check the permissions.

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