Compile Issue

where is the permissions folder? I can’t find the Permission folder on my ToonTanks Folder

I’m talking about your operating system. Check the permissions on the folder that contains the project.


the instructions says I need to Click the “Select a user”, I already clicked it but what do i do after clicking it?


when I clicked the “Select a user” it pop up like this, so what do I have to do?

That article was meant to show what I was talking about. What permissions does the Admin and System groups have?

is this it?

That looks fine, and other Unreal C++ projects work fine? If that’s the case you could just create one and then move the Contents folder of that to the new poject.

yes the other unreal C++ works fine, so I just create a new project and move all of my projects into there, but do I delete the new project content folder?

Once you’ve confirmed it’s all working. No need to keep a copy of it in a folder that doesn’t want to work.

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