Collor setter and spawner problem

When I drag and drop unit spawner on client it doesn’t show up on host, also not changing color

Hi there,
Sorry you are having trouble. First question, are you seeing any errors in the console, either on the client or server? (try running each in the editor and spawning a client unit spawner to see).

Hello, sorry for late responce but yeah, I get this error

also game looks like this

Okay seems like there are a few issues. What version of Mirror are you using?

Let’s start with the server, because that might solve some of the other problems. You have the error “SpawnObject … NetworkServer is not active” and also the warning “Multiple NetworkManagers detected in scene”
This could be caused by having a network manager in the startup scene as well as the game scene. When the game changes to the game scene it has to delete on of the network managers. This could cause you to lose reference or destroy the server, which might be causing the other errors.
So I would start by making sure you only have one NetworkManager and it is in the menu scene.

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