Collider not visible in scene mode

When I turn off Sprite Renderer as shown in the video @4:45, my collider doesn’t show at all Gizmo is on. If I turn on Gizmo in game mode, it does show.

Hi Lucas,

I’m not sure if I understood your problem correctly but your description sounds as if this is the correct behaviour of the Unity editor.

The gizmos (and the collider gizmo) must be enabled. Otherwise, the collider gizmo does not get displayed.

There is also a gizmos button in the scene window. If you cannot see it, it might be that your scene window is too small. In that case, a part of the horizontal menu is cropped.

If you cannot find it or if you are in doubt, please share a screenshot of what you see in Unity.

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My bad. I re-watched the video. If you turn off the sprite renderer while the game object is selected you can see the collider outline but if you select another game object, the one that had its sprite renderer turned off, no longer shows up. Unless you have an option to have all colliders show up always.

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