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Hey, everyone. Sorry, I’m sure this has been asked before and I can’t think of what the actual thing is called, but does anyone know the website for the code checking thing? Basically, it is a website where you put your code in and it looks for errors automatically.

I was doing the Unreal Tutorial and somehow got stuck somewhere that I can’t seem to fix. So, I just need to past my entire code there and see what is going on. Or I can put my code in the unreal section of this page and someone could help me, if…they…darrrre!

Anyway, thanks for the help everyone!

syntax checker is what i would probably Google, and there are various ones for different languages.

Just bear in mind that they will primarily only be looking for correct syntax, so if you have the correct syntax but inject your own bug it wouldn’t help :slight_smile:

A lot of modern IDEs have this type of functionality built in, I’m not certain what yoy are usibg but Visual Studio is very good for this type of thing and there is a free community version available.

It will also tell you about variables which are not used, methods that are unreferenced and so on, which is quite handy for housekeeping.

What language are you referring to? In C# the best editor for syntax errors is Visual Studio as Rob has mentioned. For JavaScript I would suggest you try ReSharper it works well with Visual Studio. It not only shows you the syntax errors but also makes helpful suggestions to improve upon your code. ReSharper will not do a logic check and be careful of some of the suggestions because the editor is not always correct. It will check for redundancy and ways to simplify the code. There is the JSLint plug in I have not tried it but I know of other developers who have stated this is a good option. There is WebStorm which is a IDE but will set you back a few dollars after the 30 day trial period. WebStorm Link

BLUF (which is almost the same as TL; DR): Try searching for “Code Lint”

Textbooks on compilers (I’ve actually read two, decades ago) have chapters on error detection, and it’s a hard problem. Visual Studio and/or MonoDevelop are probably about as good as you get for syntax issues in C#, but even then, something as simple as pointing to where you made the typo is hard, because it has to assume what you meant versus what you wrote, and will likely assume wrong. E.g. A string that goes on forever…that end quote might be meant to go about anywhere. (though I do wish more compilers, when they detect a string going forever, would point you to the Beginning of the string, not the End—which is the end of the program—as they often do…)

Another kind of error, not caught by the compiler is a logic error—and the best you can do is “lint”—try searching for “code lint” maybe. All that does is run heuristics that spot common patterns for mistakes (e.g. “=” when you meant “==”). The downside is the first time it’s run on a piece of code, it will find maybe hundreds of “suspicious” code, only one of which might be the actual error. Hence some programmers go through a lot of effort to avoid writing suspicious code so that such “linters” can be more useful.

Visual Studio might have a built-in C# linter; I don’t know, probably burried in one of the menus somewhere.

Oh, sorry yall. I’m using C++, particularly the Unreal Development part. I am using Visual Studio and probably just need to go over the bug checking part of the tutorials again. I’m not sure I understood as much as I thought…

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