Client is laggy

While doing the tutorial i noticed that the movement on my client side is laggy and not smooth like the server, code is the same as the video. If i make the movement only on client it then moves smoothly

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Hi and welcome to the community.

The behaviour you are describing is looked at later in the course. Techniques to improve it are shown.

There are also a number of other reasons. Performance of the pc and of your network can cause issues. It is also possible there’s a mistake in the code so check your code against the lecture code to see if you’ve missed anything.

I hope this helps.

Good luck with the course.

Also, if you have “Use less CPU when in background” on in the editor settings, a server can lag out when you tab away from it. It’s like it starts running only a few ticks a second, so it doesn’t update or respont to the clients as fast as expected.

Probably best to just turn off “Use less CPU” when working on multiplayer stuff.

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