Cleaner Animators

Hi, just thought I’d share a nice tip about creating cleaner Animators in Unity.

If you have complex animators with a bunch of animation states then your animator can get cluttered really quick. Some animations might also have multiple states in it for example you have a Buff animation that consists of buff_start, buff_loop and buff_end.

Having all 3 of these will make things even messier so to clean it up go into your Animator and right click > Create Sub-State Machine.

A Sub-State Machine allows you to create another Animation tree inside of an animation tree. If you double click on your new Sub-State Machine you can look inside of it. Now you can also add buff_start, buff_loop and buff_end with any transitions that you want and finish it with a transition to (Up) Base Layer. It might look a bit like this

Now in your Base Layer simply create a transition to the sub-state machine like you would for the animation you had there before and voila your Animator probably looks a lot cleaner now.

Mine currently looks like this after applying this method (It’s like 2/5th of the original size):


Thank you for sharing this. This is really helpful :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Happy to hear that! If any of this is a bit unclear please let me know because I’m not the best at writing up bigger pieces of text haha

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You nailed it on the head. Great post. You explained it very well :ok_hand: