Cinemachine Keeps Going When Hitting A Wall

When the player hits a wall, if I continue holding down the direction that I was going when I hit the object, the camera continues to move as if the wall was not hit, leaving the player behind. I have been dealing with this during development. I have tried to fix it but haven’t come across a solution. Anyone else seeing this behavior?


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In the CinemachineBrain component, is the Update method set to “Late Update”? If not, try that, please. Did this fix the issue?

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Hey Nina,

That didn’t fix the issue. I went through and tried all of the settings for the update and blend methods but none of them fixed this issue.

Which game object is the cinemachine following? Check if the correct game object is connected with it.

In the player’s Rigidbody component, try to set “Interpolate” to “Interpolate”, and the “Collision Detection” to “Continuous”. If that did not help either, slow the player down to see if the behaviour improves.

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