Cinemachine in 2020 LTS

I’m using Unity 2020.3.21f LTS. I do not get the same options as Rick did with his 2021 version.

Cinemachine option is not available when I right click. Also in the Component dropdown for cinemachine, all options are greyed out.

I need to create a camera FIRST. Then from the Component menu at the top menu selection area to select the cinemachine options for virtual camera.

Also, we need to add CinemachineBrain component manually to the Main Camera

Just in case others using the 2020 LTS versions also face the same issue.

Hi Andes,

We do not support any older versions of Unity than the one used by our instructor in the video. Please update to his version.

See also:

In the section of video for this new content, Rick mentions he usually recommends installing LTS. He only uses the latest final release for this new content to make it more future proof.

I have been using LTS since I started on this course (old material). Since cinemachine is still accessible with LTS, just accessed differently, there is no reason to install yet another version.

If you found a workaround or a solution for your problem, feel free to continue using your version of Unity. :slight_smile:

Regarding the LTS version, do you remember the video where he said that he usually recommended installing the LTS version? In lecture “Install Unity & VS Code”, he is telling students to download Unity 2021. However, if he recommended the LTS version of 2020 somewhere, I’d like to let him know that there are differences between his version and Unity 2020 LTS, which should get addressed in the course.

If you heard that in lecture “Install Unity & VS Code”, I think he was referring to the development of an actual game. If you develop a larger game for months or even years, it could be a good idea to install an LTS version because updating could break things. He also says that he’s hoping that there would be a Unity 2021 LTS version in the future. That version would be the one the students could use.

I was having the same issue. After you have added Cinemachine a new menu option will appear at the top of you screen. Selecting these options performs the same function as when Rick right-clicks the Hierarchy.

I’m disappointed the solution from is “we don’t support older versions”, when most of us are probably using the recommended version of Unity.

Screenshot 2021-11-07 095045

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I’m using 2020.3.22f (mostly because I’m on work wifi and wanted to keep downloads to a minimum), and added the virtual camera through Cinemachine > Create Virtual Camera on the top toolbar. This automatically created the brain on the main camera for me.

I would probably recommend using LTS versions for courses in the future. The same things that could cause an update to break a project could also cause one or more of the videos to suddenly become obsolete, if I understand correctly.

Unity has been around since 2005. A lot was changed in the past years. If we supported older versions, we would have to test the entire course in all of them. After we complete that task, the content of our course will already be obsolete. For this reason, Rick decided not to support older versions because everything else would not be manageable by our team.

I hope this explanation made sense. :slight_smile:

In this video “3. Install Unity & VS Code”, 1:47 timestamp, Rick says he normally recommends LTS version,… he’s using final release hoping that in the future when we watch this video 2021 will have LTS. He did not say we must use 2021 version now.

So since there is a workaround for 2020 LTS, this is what I’m sticking to. I have intention on furthering my use of Unity in commercial environment. So knowing what works with LTS is useful.

In any case, I also use LTS version with the old material and I adapted as needed.

Thank you for the clarification, Andes. If you encounter more problems with Unity 2020 LTS for which you cannot find a workaround, please let us know. Maybe Rick will decide to edit the part in the video to avoid confusion regarding the version of Unity students are supposed to install. :slight_smile: