Chess Set Mark II

You can learn something by repeating a course or section of a course. I recommend waiting a while before repeating for several reasons:

  1. Lecture videos do get updated from time to time so if you wait, it won’t be completely a rerun.

  2. If you wait, it won’t be fresh in your mind anymore and won’t feel as much like a rerun.

I waited a few months. Kind of like TV reruns used to be, new in the fall, reruns in the summer—though nowadays you get 3 or 6 episodes and then months of just reruns after that.

So, this is my second chess set, built from the ground up again while following the lectures, and using knowledge gained from the first time (as well as later sections of the course).

A few differences: I used a different reference image for the pieces and I kept it high-poly. My reference came from here:
and in case the cache disappears, here is the picture:

I made some changes–the biggest one was the cross on the king I made 3D, a tesseract. A few other things, like rather than duplicate the dark texture exactly, I just used the Blender built-in “Magic” texture which preserved the effect, not the details (as an amateur musician, I was taught by a pro musician that it’s the effect that counts, so if you get a fast 7-tuplet, just play it fast, no need to ensure each note is exactly 1/7 of a beat! I figure, same with visual art)

For comparison, here was the first:

The project and its entire Git history is here:

ETA: I only now just noticed—at some point I swapped what I considered black and white pieces…I broke the rule “Queen goes on her own color”. So just imagine the queen and king swapped…


@Todd_Vance - wow! Your latest version is fantastic, not that the first wasn’t but you can really see the comparison - you must be very proud - well done :slight_smile:

I fully agree with regards to what you say about returning to the course content from time to time, all very valid and true.

Sometimes, I now that I’ve learned something, somewhere in the course. But can n’t remember where to start, or which thingy you need to do. Or what option to switch on or off. … Or where to find it.
Repetition will certainly help. But project like the Bunny or the Church where for me, very time consuming. many hours I’ve spend, not sure I’ve got the energy to do them again. but maybe over a year or so … But three thumbs up for your chess pieces, very nice work indeed.

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