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Ladies and Gents,

The team have put together an new and improved way for you to share games. And the URL couldn’t be easier to remember:

The service keeps your game for 30 days, perfect for getting feedback on your new game. Which game will you share first?

Having problems with the service or want to make a suggestion? Comment below.

Happy sharing,
Sam & the team


I have the perfect game in mind. Thanks Sam.


OK everyone, jump in and try Works the same way as did.



works a treat :wink: cheers for putting it together


Could be cool to have a listing of games currently in the queue so you can try out whatever is there.



I was able to fix this by changing the name of the .html file to “index”, solved this by using another website which stated “index.html was not found in the uploaded files”

Hi I have been enjoying the courses so far and put together my own version of the Text 101 game.
However I am unable to upload it to share my game. When attempting to upload the .zip file I get the error message:

“Your file is too large. It must be under 100MB to be shared for free.”

This does not make sense as the file is only 134 KB

The file is a .zip which includes the .unity3d file as well as the html document.
Used the webplayer build and resolution is accurate.

Link to an image of the files in the .zip

Any help would be appreciated.


Try using the WebGL build instead.


It would be great if player prefs worked on this website. The fact that webGL playerprefs didn’t work on game always bothered me.


So that would have to store cookies on the User machine right?

Seems like they are stored using the browsers IndexedDB API. I wonder if our iFrame prevents this. Do you have a game that demonstrates the problem?


I’m not able to reproduce an issue on Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Where do you experience this?


hello everyone im new here


Welcome Pandya


When i try to upload my game version of Text 101 to this site i have an error.

Your file is too large. It must be under 100MB to be shared for free.
I use WebGL build.

This is the zip

And this is extracted


How large are the extracted folders? Also, do you have an index.html file in there?


I had the Issue in safari with game bucket. I haven’t tried shareMyGame yet. I’ll try it and see if it works with Chrome.


Is ShareMyGame compatible with Unreal 4? I couldn’t find a package to WebGl option, but I packaged it to HTML5. After zipping the file, it turned out to be 536, 721 kb which, of course, is too large…


I haven’t yet tested. It should do in theory if you can package for webgl. Try these instructions:


Where’s the difference to


So far not a whole lot other than an improved interface. But we have plans to improve it and we didn’t have control over GameBucket sadly.