Chatgpt for the win!

I couldn’t get the TakeWidget part right, so I resorted to Chatgpt


The part that I thought was crazy:

Additionally, I’ve included PlayerController->SetInputMode(InputMode) to set the input mode to InputModeUIOnly and PlayerController->bShowMouseCursor = true to show the mouse cursor, which are common steps when focusing a widget.

I didn’t ask about that


Amazing, this appears to be 3.5 (not even 4) to boot!

AI, and the future with it in gamedev and beyond, is really exciting stuff.

I really hope to see some courses on how to take full advantage of it in game development workflows.

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I don’t think they will be using it in courses. I could be wrong. Rick, Gary and Grant made a video where they used ChatGPT and ai software to try and develop a game in Unity. It is quite entertaining how slow it was and how it got things wrong at times.

I work at a place where all AI tools are banned from use due to the confidential nature of our work. Basically the data is made public if you add it to these tools and that is not desired.

So, while it can be used as a tool, the ole statement “to err is human, to really screw up takes a computer” really applies here.


I have high hopes that AI tools with be used everywhere, allowed in classrooms, and become as much as part of the human experience as our own beating hearts.

The reality is, it’s a powerful tool that will be reserved for the powerful. Nivida will be allowed to use AI, but an indie game published to Steam will be taken down due to copy right and the everyday man will be convinced that using AI help is offensive. You’ll have to design your own AI and other Barriers to entry will be put in place. Through law and ‘education’ the AI cat will be put back in the bag.

I saw that video, I remember them talking about a pause but not completely ruling it out.

AI certainly needs to improve though, I have high hopes for it.

First time hearing this, didn’t know copyright would even be an issue if what it’s trained on is public and/or given consent by the original creator to be okay to use.

It’s not good if companies ban it.
To me, AI will not replace people but people who use AI will replace people who don’t.
So companies that do not allow their employees to become more efficient with AI and AI tools will be overthrown by companies that do.

The problem is, use of AI does not give the option for consent and secondly, anything you enter into it will be stored to train it better so there is assumed consent there.

There’s also no regulation to its use and there needs to be to protect publicly available copyrighted information.

“anything you enter into it will be stored to train it better so there is assumed consent there” I get that. I have friends that don’t use Facebook for similar reasons. I have a friend that doesn’t use a bank account and stores his money in the walls of his house. He calls them wall bonds, lol. Admittedly, walls bonds are a bit far on the spectrum compared to using AI. I don’t get it, but I get that they do and embrace their right to not associate.

I think what I’m struggling with is how that’s any different than me using publicly available copyrighted images, music, ect as references when making my own art. Or reading code examples before writing my own code. I make the assumption that art and culture always builds on the past. We could take any piece of art (movie, show, painting, game, music, ect) and find what influenced it. There are things that are obvious copies and things that seemingly look unique. However, there’s a lot of grey area in-between, and I don’t know how it should be handled.

An example of an obvious copy would be the Ice Ice baby song. Many of the Taylor Swift songs are seemingly unique. But then there’s grey areas like the recent lawsuit involving Ed Sharron’s Thinking Out Loud being to similar to Marvin Gaye’s Let’s get it On.

I don’t know what the answer is to the problems caused by AI. I just idealistically want every human to have to ability to have the level of knowledge and assistance that AI provides at their fingertips, and I truly believe that all the small things… things like the Fed adjusting inflation rates or a company minimizing net revenues for taxes… amount to a hill of beans when compared to technological innovations such as GPS, the internet, smartphones, etc. Just think about how much the invention of the chainsaw impacted the lumber field. I believe that humans can innovate more with AI, and innovation is key. To the point that if AI became inaccessible where I live, but a society opened it up in a similar manner as when Brazil broke copyrights on HIV meds, I would consider moving countries. I think it’s that important.

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