Changing GameMode class removes all input

As per the video at 6:06 time index, after creating the BP_CryptRaiderGameMode and setting this as the project game mode, all input is broken.

Unreal: 5.3.2
Platform: OSX


  1. Create BP_Player ( Parent: BP_FirstPersonCharacter )
  2. Create BP_CryptRaiderGameMode ( Parent: CryptRaiderGameMode ). Of note, the existing working game mode was BP_FirstPersonGameMode NOT CryptRaiderGameMode as in the video.
  3. BP_CryptRaiderGameMode has PlayerController as the controller class whereas BP_FirstPersonGameMode is using BP_FirstPersonPlayerController. I have attempted to use this controller in the BP_CryptRaiderGameMode but this did not allow for movement either.

I think there is a bit of a disconnect here. I suspect either Unreal default values have changed or perhaps there are actions off-camera that don’t account for the expected state. Impossible to tell which on the outside.

I am reviewing to see if I can get it functioning, but welcome any advice.

A similar post on this ( closed, and did not assist ):

While getting my details for the post I was actually pretty close to a solution.

Solution With Enhanced Input:

  1. Create blueprint PlayerController class ( BP_CryptRaiderPlayerController, parented from Crypt Raider Player Controller ).
  2. On BP_CryptRaiderPlayerController in “Class Defaults” set the Input->Input Mapping Context to be IMC_Default. This is located in /Game/FirstPerson/Input . This contains the input mappings to allow for control.
  3. In the BP_Player make sure that there are input actions that the player is interested in. In this case Jump/Move/Look. This should be present as this is inherited from the BP_FirstPersonCharacter class.
  4. In BP_CryptRaiderGameMode make sure that the Player Controller class is set to your new PC class WITH the IMC set ( in my case BP_CryptRaiderPlayerController ) and default Pawn is set to BP_Player.

This was very confusing to piece together, since it was not clear when/why elements such as the inputs should be set on the pawn or the controller.

Hopefully this helps anyone else stuck on this.

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