Challenge: Get Back to the Default Layout

After hovering about and learning several key points to remember from the past few lessons in this section. I was able to find it quite easy for me to modify the layout.

With experience in handling application UI’s, before taking the past lessons, difficulty to know how to transform the layout mess into the default layout, I say I would rate it a 7/10, without prior knowledge of blender.

After taking the lessons about modifying layout, I say that it would be a 0/10 or a job worth no sweat at all.

I could say that there are quite a lot more stuff to learn, but am already seeing progress just from the lessons I have taken up to this point.

Thanks, and will be posting more about my progress.




… so my method was bad, wasn’t it?:sweat_smile:

That was tricky. The key being each is a frame. Glad they make you do this.

I got the layout back to the default. It was not only a good exercise in getting used to adjusting the layout, but a good way to get familiar with the names of the windows.

not a bad exercise.

Hey it took me some time but I finally figured it out by looking at the default screen a reference :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used Blender before and this exercise and the layout segment totally helped.

I did it! Was challenging but fun.

Thank you, it was a very helpful exercise.

Well done August!!


This was a great way to get a hang of the windows.

Finished! It took me longer to figure out how to upload the picture then it did to fix the screen. lol. He does a great job explaining everything.

It took me a little while. but I finally got it.

Changing to “Info view” and then to Default (preset) layout felt too easy so I did it again.
Nice to have both solutions though. Here’s the end result of manual re-fixing.

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I did it! And in two strokes; in the editor type drop down menu (in this image, one of them is up in the top left next to “File”, it looks like a blue circle with an “i” in it), When you first open it, it’s one huge properties menu. I changed it to the info menu, which has the square where you can change layout options. From there, I chose “default” and voila! It’s back in business.

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piece of cake… just change the type of area of some box to ‘info’ , you get the layout listing and change it to ‘default’… no hard work

Was a little lost on how to get the other settings up, but I’ll get there.

it was fun … I did it :))

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