Casting A Fireball In The RPG

This post covers the few lectures where we were making a fireball in the RPG.

If you’ve made your own fireball, please do share a screenshot or video!

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You said to “add a bit of flare” :wink:


Awesome graphics Jason_Martin - love the “fireball”

Here is mine

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Still Working on my smoke effect

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I went super simple for now, sphere + trail


Added point light in the fireball.

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My wand of fire. After recording the video, I noticed that the fireball needs to instantiate near the tip of the wand. No big deal, will work on that later.

Aside: I will vanish for a while until there are some updates to the class. Also, I highly recommend the “Trees Variety” pack by ILRANCH from the asset store. I caught it on sale in May, but even at it’s current price it is still a good buy. It uses the older ‘Unity Tree’ system instead of Speed Tree but it has a large number of good tree models that are easy to modify.

I was playing my son’s BOTW (for research purposes of course) and noticed that all the trees had one thing in common, there were no low branches (except apple trees.) It took me a while to realize that this was done to keep the camera from being block or collided with. A bit of experimentation showed me that i could modify the “Unity Tree” based trees to do that too. It makes my game play a lot better now.


I’ve been stitching things together and this is what I have come up with so far. I realize the class has not reached menus and inventory yet, but I was impatient. Please ignore the quality of the levels (especially lighting) I will be working on that as soon as I get my inventory system up and running.


Added a few things such as ability to switch weapons, flashes red while taking damage, gravity arc and area damage for the fireball!

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Still playing around with some ideas. I noticed that I was having terrible frame-rate problems. I spent some time trying to work around that and then realized it was my lame graphics card. I’ve since been messing with LowPoly style just so that my desktop can keep up. Now I can get back to 60 FPS.


Good problem solving!

Working through this lesson and I thought it would be great if there was a way to create a way that automated each of the steps.

  1. Create the folder
  2. Create the scriptable object for new weapon
  3. Add the prefab variant.
  4. etc…

It feels like this would be a much easier way if we’re handing over to a designer, so they wouldn’t have to remember each step.

Is something like this possible in Unity?

Screenshot and very short video of my fireball in my combat sandbox.


Heh, turns out it wasn’t the trees. It was some settings on the Terrain. We learn by breaking things.

Anyway. Here is where I am at now.


Still needs some work but here is my fireball

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Hey Jason! I know it’s been a while since you took this course, but are you using controller support? If so, do you have any suggestions for how I should go about that with this project? Did you edit the movement system created in this course or did you create a completely different mover for the player?

Thanks for any help!

Maybe some months later but there is a way to automated those steps, the answer is create a custom editor.

With Editor Scripts you could make a window where you write all the weapon data and with just a click of a button create the folder, create the scriptable object, probably create also the prefab variant, and all you could need.

Your magic glowy missile looks great!

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