Canvas height in Unity 5.5 too small - can't change

I just started the “Learn to code by Making Games” course on Udemy. Actually just finished the Prison text game and moved onto the next section. However, when starting a new project, Unity is by default making the canvas size 806x232 with no apparent way to change it. I don’t remember hearing anywhere in the lessons thus far about how to change this, but seeing how most PCs now run at 1920x1080 or being conservative 800x600 … 806x232 only allows for 1/3 the height. I’m not sure if this will hinder me moving forward with the Brick Breaker lesson or others… but I just can’t seem to find a way to increase the canvas size. Any help or explanations will be greatly appreciate. I’m going to press on until the size becomes an issue.


Hello @zentsang, welcome to the course and to the community!

You can change the display size and aspect of the game in the Game Window (the active window when the game is running), under the top left of this window you can click the aspect (it is a drop down menu) and change it.

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@Joao_Dalvi , thanks man! Once I realized you said “Game window,” I found the drop-down you mentioned. Mine was set to “Free Aspect” and I do remember now that this was actually mentioned in one of the previous lessons. Once I changed to the 800x600 profile in the drop-down, the canvas box resized accordingly.

For anyone else reading this thread … my issue was “user error” and not this course. They did cover this bit in a previous section, but my brain just forgot. =)

Thanks for your help Joao! I will update the Subject line to [SOLVED] accordingly.


Im glad that it is working now :slight_smile:

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