Can't see basket balls or cube?

I also bump into similar issue in the ShootHoop lesson. From the console message and the Hierarchy View, I know that the space bar is pressed and a basketball clone is created, which means the script is attached to a GameObject (Main Camera in this case). However, I still got a blue screen when I clicked on the Play button.
Could anyone please let me know what I am missing? Thanks!

Hi Dennis,

Just as a quick check, if you run your game and then select the Scene View, then double click one of the Basketball (clone) GameObjects, where is it? e.g. the transform position.

Your camera is at 0,2,0 - perhaps they are just way out of the camera view?

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the quick reply. The ball is instantiated at 2, 10, 0. How far and how wide can the camera see? I thought I might still be able to see the ball dropping onto the floor?

Can you zip up the project so I can have a quick look?

The forum will support uploads up to 10mb, if your project files are larger than that you’ll need to use Google Drive / Dropbox etc.

Hi Rob (and sorry for the typo earlier),
Here is my project files. Really appreciate for the help (536.3 KB)

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Couple of things…

If you pop your scene into 3D view you can see that your camera is actually intersecting the cube, try giving the camera a value of -10 on the z index and your objects pop into view.

Your basketballs are instantiating, but are not falling, this is due to the values for drag / angular drag - both are set to 50. I set drag to 2 and angular drag to 5 (I couldn’t remember the defaults) and the basket balls started to fall to the cube.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Rob,
Cool, it works. really appreciate solving the mystery for me :smile:

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You’re very welcome.

Might be worth checking against the lecture(s) though and see perhaps which step got missed. Whilst what I’ve provided may make it work, it may not be in line with the course content :slight_smile:

Hi Rob,
Yeah, that’s good idea. I was playing around with these setting earlier and forgot to change it back. I will review them. Thanks!

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