Can't Populate Server list or Find Session Names



Hello everyone! The main problem I’m having is that I can’t get a session name. The problem started on lecture 54 , and it still persists at the end of lecture 56. My LogTemp returns starting find session and finished find session, but doesn’t return found session names. I launch the game, host from the launched game, go back into my editor and hit play and join when i’m looking at the output log.

I’m currently using Unreal Engine 4.20.3 on Windows 10. I’ve tried generating the visual studio files, closing and restarting the engine, restarting my computer, disabling all my network adapters besides local connection, turning off all computer security and firewalls, adjusting different setting in the GameInstance.cpp, and as the last resort copied and pasted all files from the Unreal Multiplayer Mastery Github and repeating the previous steps.

The only conclusions I can come to is that it is stepping over the for loop in OnFindSessionsComplete for some reason. Thank you for the help!




Good job with the initial problem solving. Have you been able to get the steam multiplayer example running? As for skipping the for loop, could you post the code in question?