Can't find sessions in UE versions 4.27 and UE5.0 - 4.17 works

As the title says I could not find any Sessions with these UE versions. As a test I tried downloading the project files for this lesson (11 Query Parameters & Session Settings) from Github. But that showed the same behavior after converting the project to 4.27 or 5.0. After that I installed UE 4.17 (the same as in the Github) with VS 2017 and with that everything works fine with the same sourcecode. Do you know of anything I need to change from the shown sourcecode to make it work with newer UE versions?

Edit: I even tried running packaged versions with the same issues.

This is mentioned in a patch somewhere in the course. There is a variable containing a name that needs to be updated. You won’t find this in the materials in github so you’ll have to go through the course to find it.

I found the issue. I forgot to set SessionSettings.bIsLANMatch = true; in my code and the code from the Github did not work because of what you mentioned.

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