Can't find Bull Cow Game source after reopening [solved]

Hi all,

I was working on the Cow Bull Game last weekend. I shut down all the programs during the week and am trying to reopen it to get back at it. I have the project open in both UE and VSCode, but I can’t find the source files.

In the ‘BULLCOWGAME (Workspace)’ and the ‘BullCowGame-starter-kit’ folder there is no ‘source’ folder where I believe my header files should be according to the setup video.

I tried to regenerate or ‘Refresh Visual Studio Code Project’ from the ‘file’ heading in UE, but the command font is faded and won’t let me.

Addit: I also cannot ‘Open Visual Studio Code’ from file dropdown.

I also tried the search function but found nothing but matches in header files.

The game also compiles successfully, and runs just like where I left off.

Am I looking in the wrong place?



I found the files in:


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