Can't Edit My Animations

Hi, I saved and reopened my Argon Assault project to continue editing my player ship animations, however they no longer appear in the animation editor tab when I click on the Player Rig object (or the child Player Ship object).

Everything works fine in the player, but the animations are now in a Master Timeline object and I can’t edit them. I’ve tried removing the animator component that got added to my Player Rig, right-clicking “Edit in Animation Window”, and restarting Unity but the record button is still greyed out. I could just redo the animations but I’d like to figure out what’s gone wrong. Thanks in advance


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Actually, this should have worked. Your screenshot shows the animation. Or is it the wrong animation?

Have you already tried to click on one of the diamond shaped keyframe icons?

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Ok I think it’s working now. I still can’t record in the animation window for some reason but I can edit in the Timeline editor. Thanks

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