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For whatever reason when I download the bricks sprite sheet and then slice it the two damaged bricks stay as one instead of slicing into to different sprites.
I figured out why my bricks don’t slice. It is because when Ben drew the black color onto the bricks it connected the two sprites that way. I tried using the grid slicing and it separated the two damaged bricks but combined the half bricks. I don’t even understand why we need the half bricks anyway.

This issue is caused because there isn’t a gap between the two bricks all the way through the image. If you zoom right in you will notice that one of the dark lines (a crack) is actually making contact with the other brick. As such, Unity cannot determine that they are supposed to be separate images.

The easiest thing to do would be to edit the image and ensure that the pixel gap between them runs all the way through.

See also;

I tried to go into gimp to delete it that way but it didn’t work. I will try your method to see if it works.

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Hey @David_Kiewlich,

How did it go? Is this issue resolved now?

I don’t understand. When I tried to make my own sheet I followed the instructions that @ben provided in the video but when I went to slice the sheet it didn’t slice it just stayed the same.

I finally figured out how to do it! If you go into the sprite editor and instead of slicing the image into the different necessary sprites, you can just click and drag the cursor across the brick to create a different sprite and then Unity will recognize it as more than one sprite.

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