Cannot reproduce lagging

@sampattuzzi I am not getting the lag that you get on the Autonomous Proxy, I have NetUpdateFrequency set to 1, and am not calling the SimulateMove in the tick function at all, but it isn’t lagged on either one. Any ideas why, I am pretty sure I have kept my code right in synch with what you are doing.

And the control of the autonomous proxy isn’t moving the pawn? They are actually in the same world?

Try putting an ReplicatedUsing property (might be next lecture). Then you can log when the update is coming through/

@sampattuzzi the lag is now working, I was only running 1 client 1 server, when I started up 2 clients with the server the lag worked. Guess I wasn’t paying close attention lol.

@sampattuzzi I take that back I am getting the lag with just one server and client now also. That’s weird because I have not changed the code at all. I am sure I wasn’t seeing any lag in either window when I moved the car.

@sampattuzzi so I went into github and set the history to 18 Simulating A Move and copy pasted both the cpp and h file into by project. It is still lagging even with the call to SimulatyeMove in the tick function. Very odd.

@sampattuzzi ok it is working as expected I had to go back and watch you again. I was driving the server, not the autonomous proxy. I am getting the same behavior that you are. I must have had something just a little different in my code but since I synched with your code it’s fine now.

Excellent. I’m glad you were able to self resolve this one Bill.

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