Cannot launch with right click on uproject - Win11

Hey all,
I had this problem in windows 11 with UE 5.3 that I couldn’t find the option to start the project as standalone game from the right click menu when selecting the uproject. I don’t know if there is a solution to add this option to this menu. But there is an alternate way to achieve the same thing:
When you’re in the editor, click on the three horizontal dots next to the play-icon and then select “Standalone Game”. This will launch the game in the standalone mode and show “Steam”. Don’t forget to reset it to “Selected Viewport” when done.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reminder, I haven’t done it that way in some time. Normally, when I want a standalone game, I go ahead and package. I’ve gotten in to this habit because I’ve learned through pain that one should package early and package often. Playing in the editor is not the same as playing from an actual build. Sometimes, the behavior is different for some crazy reason you have to track down. Or, worse, sometimes your game won’t package and you have to track that problem down. This is especially true when working with standalone Quest VR builds.

When testing, particularly coop multiplayer, poweshell and leave the editor closed when working on the C++ works. It just makes it easier than constantly closing, deleting and opening. Change and run from poweshell is faster than running from the editor and you can add - windowed and -nosteam as well.

You can also just disable live coding in the editor settings. Usually the first thing I do when setting up a new project. This way you just compile ‘normally’ every time you make changes and never need to close/open the editor or delete folders.
Honestly, I don’t understand what live coding is supposed to do for you…

Me either. I always turn it off as well as Hot Reload.

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