Cannot Find / Figure out how to create MultiplayerCourseCharacter C++ file

I’m working on UE5 C++ Multiplayer: Make An Online Co-Op Game on lecture 16 and I cannot figure out how to create the MultiplayerCourseCharacter.cpp / .h for the challenge in this lecture.

am i supposed to just create a new c++ class or is there a way to generate one from the third person controller?

I think i have solved this.

I had been going through the course on UE 5.3 and this just so happens to be the first issues i ran into.

It looks like the file structure that is created when making a 3rd person game is different in UE 5.2.1 than 5.3. so when restarting with 5.2.1 the MultiplayerCourseCharacter C++ Class exists now!

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