Cannot change text color

I’ve created a font asset and dragged it onto the text box - all good. But it will not let me change the text color. Also nothing happens if I change the ‘underlay’ settings. The glow settings have an impact if you look closely enough.

Am I doing something wrong or is this because of the font I’m using?



Hi kmamor,

I’m sorry for the late reply. For some reason, I missed your thread. Do you still need help with this issue?

The colour in the material might be a tint. Since the Vertex Color is blue instead of white, and since you mentioned a glow, that could explain the green colour. The best would be to set the Vertex Color to white. Then tweak the values in the material.

Since the material determines the appearance of the font, create a new material for your other texts. Otherwise, everything will look like ‘Quizzy Cool’.

I hope this helped. :slight_smile:

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Hi Nina,

No matter what I set the vertex color to, the text remains green. Does that mean I inherited the color from the downloaded font (which I got from and I cannot change it (it appears black on the website) , or should I be able to change it and there’s something wrong with my set-up?

How do I ‘tweak the values in the material’?

I opened the material file - but the color is set to white?


It depends on what kind of font it is. If it is a bitmap font, it might be that the creator gave it a colour but I doubt that this is the case because the bottom right corner of your screenshot shows white glyphs.

Where did you set the glow?

For testing purposes, assign another font. ‘What is the capital of Japan?’ is white.

Something doesn’t look right here. Where do the asterisks (*) come from? They’re not in the text you are showing, but they appear in the textbox.

The problem is the Text Style being set to H1. H1 is a style that’s this green and adds the asterisks. Change it back to Normal and you should be fine. Alternatively, you can look at this


To see how to change the style sheets

You are a genius. I didn’t even see the style. D:

Solved! Many thanks,


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