Can you make custom colliders?

I wondered if there as an easy way to make custom colliders?
I’ve made it a bit hard for myself by making bubbles the “safe place” and going outside of it makes you explode. But if I use the sphere collider on the bubble, the player explodes immediately, so I’ve been building these structures around them and disabling the mesh renderer (See pics). But these are not really the perfect shape and its a lot of work… So if there is an easier way to do this, please let me know^^.



Hi Paula,

The MeshCollider component takes in a mesh. Theoretically, you could create a simple mesh in Blender and use it in Unity. Don’t make the colliders too complex because that might have a noticeable impact on the performance. Instead, find a good balance between simplicity and a good looking result. In computer games, we fake a lot for reasons of performance, and the player doesn’t even notice it.

Did this help?

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Yes, thank you:)

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