Can we tell Unity Hub to always use the "New" Input System

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that, by all that’s good and right in this universe, I would start using Unity’s “New” Input System. It is, after all, the future. Right? I spent a week beating my head against the wall, watching videos, reading documentation, and finally, I got it, and I’ve still got it. I never want to use the old system again and when I do a lesson (as good or well-intentioned as they may be), I take the time to ‘translate’ that part of the lesson into the new system before moving on.

So, the question. Is there a way to have Unity Hub ‘always’ use the new system? It’s not a huge deal to install the package whenever I open a new project, but there must be a way to say, “I never want to use to old system again” and leave it at that. Is there?

The ability to create our own pre-packaged project templates in Unity Hub is one of my most desired features. It seems like it would be easy to do since Unity has their own templates.

But no luck so far.


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Maybe you could look for the manifest.json in the Unity installation folder. If you are lucky, there is an “option” which you could change to always use the new Input System.

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