Can someone plz help me?!

I was just typing some code during the college with naming the state you are in. Everything worked as in the video. But later on I tested it again and the level naming and the scene naming where gone and i only had this (Picture 1). I have looked true everything and i have the same as the instructor. What do I need to do?!

In the second picture you see how it was and how it should be.!

Well one window is the import settings the other is the inspector window, so of course they look different: you’re looking at two different windows…

Also you have it set to Debug mode, which is fine but a little unexpected for a beginner. To change it from Debug to Normal view mode, click on the tiny ‘v=’ symbol next to the padlock in the inspector window.

You can reset the view (the set of open windows and positions) by finding the layout dropdown menu near the top-right of Unity and choosing Default, or 2 by 3, or whatever you want. In the future --when you add or remove windows and move them around and rescale them etc etc-- you can also use this layout dropdown to save your workspace view (Save layout…). This might be useful to you.

Hi @Joost_Haasken,

How are you getting on with this? Did you try what @GregoryFenn suggested? Did it help?

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I already found that out myself the day after I asked. But still thanks For the help