Can I start the course using Unity 5.x?

I just started with this course and I’m a littlebit worried about my version.

does anyone sees a problem, that I’m using Unity Version 5.6.2f1 and the course with 4.6?


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You can use this version, or even a more recent version, however be aware that there are some API differences between these versions, as such there are a few areas where the code you see the instructor type won’t work for you, or, the screens that you see may be slightly different.

There is a document within lecture 8 which covers the differences and also a rather awesome topic on the forum by Nina;

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Many of the newer students, like me, use recent versions of Unity. It’s not a problem, and in some cases even a bit easier. I would actually recommend starting on the newer version because otherwise you’ll have to update various sections at a later stage.

Just make sure you bookmark the link that Rob provided because you’ll need to check regularly.


In most cases the api from unity 4.6 also still working on unity 5+ and unity 2017. For Api changes you will get warning in ur editor.

A good example is Application vs SceneManager

Application is the old api still working but in newer version you should update it to scene manager.

And for this course you not will have trouble while using newer unity versions. You are not going that deep into unity that u would not be able to make your games this code.

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