Cactus is not attacking

Hii , my cactus is not getting the position of attacker lizard and cactus attack only when attacker is below the its path. When my attacker moves in the middle of the two paths then only cactus attacks and if attacker moves in his lane then it does not gets attacked. This is all due to move tool, it is over lizards head therefore of i want to move my attacker in his lane then i have to put it above , but then cactus does not attacks. How can i adjust lizards move tool to its centre of the body so that i can move it in a single lane and it get attacked also?
Plzz reply

Hi Divasraj,

First of all, are there any error messages in your console? Secondly, check which spawner got assigned to your cactus. The cactus only starts attacking when it has a spawner game object assigned to its myLaneSpawner variable, and if the spawner game object has got a child. The position of the enemy does not matter.

If the attacker appears to be in the wrong line, check if its children has got an offset that is larger than 1 or lower than -1.

How are you getting on with this, @Divasraj_Vimal?

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