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I am trying to learn how to do a build of my project in a nice packager, I want to knwo if there is somethign i must do to package it nice (like AAA games) instead of having a folder with scenes and all my assets. maybe create a pack with everything (how doom , destiny all have pak files) maybe there is a link or a thread here

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I’m not quite sure what you mean by packing. The project structure is completely up to you and is not meant for release. When you want to create a build, all you do is to click on a button, and Unity does the rest for you. The structure of the final build is predefined by the creators of Unity and cannot be customised.

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The way unity builds projects is a little messy from default. You can see all the scene files etc… When I go into games like doom for example. All assets and levels are in WAD files. So the users who installs games doesn’t get access to all the scenes. Is there an option I can click to Pak them in a single place.

I’m afraid I don’t know if that’s possible. However, you could read the manual to figure out if there is a way to “hide” files.

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