Building Escape, from a prison

Video recorded by Open Broadcast Software, using the tutorial (out of date so a few things changed) at .

dropboxed because it is about 10x too big for the forum. It is an MP4. That means it will someday “evaporate” when I later dropbox something else big and it has to go (I’m like George Costanza, too cheap to pay for a pro dropbox account).

There are some issues, e.g. the exit door used to close and require moving the chair to the switch, but that somehow got lost in changing doors to blueprints and I didn’t realize it needed solving till I made the video. Also, you notice the fire shines through brick at random times. And I don’t have the DrawText quite right, used debug text which is way up at the top left corner and easy to miss. Finally, stuff got moved randomly because I mistakenly set the hotkeys for record to Ctrl->Space which apparently moves things around in the level, and I think I got them all moved back…

Looks great! I previously tried to use OBS which kind of mangled the capture size, but this has given me added incentive to return to it.

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