Build your Own Game Engine!


Maybe a dumb question but… This would be done in C++, correct @sampattuzzi?


Not sure. This is just the kernel of an idea at this stage. It’s obviously a mammoth project and we would have to flesh it out. It’s good to hear what people would like to see.


While I am pretty sure the engine we would create would be extremely simple and inferior compared to UE or Unity, I think that this would be a really fun project that would not only give more advanced programming experience, but also give a deeper understanding of how game engines actually work. The knowledge might also be used to tweak already existing open source engines on the market, like Lumberyard or OGRE.

It’s really one of those things I’ve had in the back of my head and wanted to do for some time. It would be great to have a course guiding you through the process, I would totally buy it if you make it happen.


Considering the complicated nature of making a new engine, would it be easier to do it in C# as opposed to C++? I’m still a programming noob, so I don’t really understand the full depth of this.


I like the idea of making your OWN thing. As an example take the std library of c++. But instead of using its features like lists or string operations and that like make your own. Regarding games this features could be raycasting, physics, lighting, networking system … . This is close to making your own engine though or at least a modified one.


This would be great for developers who not only want to learn game behavior scripting but also the nitty gritty of game engine development!


I would love to take a course like this. I think it would also greatly enhance students’ understanding of the engines you already teach (Unity, Unreal).


I would down vote this one if I could… building a 2d game engine is something which can be taught in a decent amount of time.
A 3d engine is another completely different matter , building it is one thing and teaching how to build it seems like a daunting task . The course length would easily surpass the 100 hours mark.
Building a game engine is not for the faint of heart!!


I think it could be done if not too ambitious. A full-featured modern game engine is very complex, as this book ( – Game Engine Architecture, Second Edition by Jason Gregory) illustrates.

Perhaps section one would be a game engine for text-based adventure games. Beyond that, can use some framework like OGRE to do the low-level graphics stuff and just focus on the high-level components of the engine. Or maybe a 2.5d engine similar to Build or the Doom engine. I seem to recall Ken Silverman built Build in the summer in high school or something like that, so 2.5d “should” be doable.




definitely some valuable knowledge to be had here.

Plenty of impacting experience on math and vectors to stick with someone for life, if executed right at least.

Seeing it as intimidating is likely the wrong way to go at it though, you should see it as something aspiring to achieve.

But, understadning computers better in general and how programming language works is probably going to be fundamental if properly inspiring someone to make a game engine. You would be getting somewhere far more seeing it as possible then impossible.
I would find it hard to expect to cover the math side of things i’ve only fantasized about, but when you are really understanding something, it doesnt even seem like math! Its really just problem solving which is math at its core.


Cross platform, please. Preferably C++ and Vulkan.


this does not prevent anyone to have fun and try, it is a good way to learn the innerworkings of an engine. And probably you did not know but a lot of indies go that route. I think the goal is not to make an idustry standard engine that can do everything, the real goal of making your own engine is that you need only what is required for your game, without bloating out the code with stuff you’ll never use.


most indie would only make the engine capable enough for their needs. Unreal Engine started pretty thin, with only one game in mind: Unreal. It grew to what it is with time. And who said we would learn to make a modern full featured engine? A very small one would suffice to learn how it works.


Hi, I am new here, currently following your Unreal Engine course on Udemy.

This topic grabbed my attention because, well, it just so happens that I am building a game engine, and I think it will definitely be quite a feat to create a satisfactory course on the topic. I’ve read many books on the subject and the generic ones always feel incomplete (like Game Coding Complete, oh the irony XD), they’re not bad books, but the subject matter is just so dense, you cannot really expect to be able to condense in a single book/course.

So I would suggest creating a series rather than a single course.

And well, if anyone wants to talk game engine development, that’s probably one of the topics I could probably discuss to no end (not that I know everything there is to know about) :smile:.

Best Regards!,
I am enjoying the course so far.


Yes Please make course how to make a game engine from scratch


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This is something I would be interested in too even if just for experience sake.


Do it on c++, it will become the best course you can offer :slight_smile:


My suggestion is to redirect to other high quality offerings such as Handmade Hero to keep from spreading resources too thin especially on such a broad topic as game engine creation.