Build your Own Game Engine!


Want to make a really unique game? You may need to build your own engine from scratch!

Furthermore you’ll get an amazingly deep understanding and appreciation of game engines in the process


I love this idea, this would be a unique oportunity to really learn how a game work.


Would really love this idea. Its an amazing learning experience!


I think this is a great idea, and it is something that I have always wanted to know and learn!


The only thing is that this course would be tough and very long. And including all types of sub systems would take substantial time and effort.


Yes! This would greatly improve our coding skills as well as our understanding of game engines and how they work/what power they can give you. Would love to take a course on this.


idk,considering the bugs that AAA studios ship their games with, imagine the mess of an indie engine. And those guys have dropped millions of dollars into Snowdrop, frostbite, tiger, RAGE, etc.


I support this cool idea. I hope this course could cover how to making a professional real game engine, rather than a toy demo.


This is a great idea. I think part of the plus value of this kind of course would be in getting to know how to implement a graphics API (DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan…) on a structured way (the way a commercial Game Engine would). And have the participants learn how a framework of common game engine tools are built together.

Although it’s a deep subject, and although it requires to dominate several areas of knowledge, the large game companies usually have dedicated teams assigned to support new development (research new tools, bug correction, optimization) on different subsets of their own Game Engines (Physics, Rendering, Lightning, Scripting, Animation, Importing Assets, Compiling, Custom and Tailored Development Tools, etc)

This can be considered as a primer to all of that stuff, like showing us how to walk through each of those doors. Maybe even to infer/learn how other known engines were implemented.

I hope this course find its way out to the community!


Do it on C++ and I will love you forever!


Interesting idea! Even if at a first glance it sounded to me like “reinventing the wheel”, the more I think about it the more I feel like it could be a very good way to understand what’s behind a Game Engine.
I am convinced that in almost every area a solid knowledge of the theory and principles helps when dealing with practical issues, so why not?


yeah, i totally would love a course like that.
it will totally boost the knowledge that we have :slight_smile:


I totally support this course. I hope it will be in depth to cover all engne development from scratch to a point where it can be used to build actuall games.


I agree completely. I think if there is to be a course like this it needs to be an in depth course! It will teach us a lot more about the workings of game engines, and it will also teach us skills we could possibly use in the future.


I followed a couple of game engine creations from start and I can tell there is a lot there to learn. Also the course need to have good explanations for most of the things being done because there are tons of concepts that need to be understood in it.

I definitely want to be able to build my own engine to create games that can have a potential to be released to the public. Probably this will be done in c++ and OpenGL.

It is not entirely necessary, but if build, or integrate a scripting language is part of this course, then it would be the best.


Initially, I had questions about the feasibility, scope, and time length of a course like this. Then I remembered I don’t know anything about building a game engine, so who am I to have questions? :laughing:

I would jump right on this. Even if it’s top-line/non-exhaustive, I’d imagine it’d be an insanely valuable look behind the curtain that would have elements applicable to all areas of game dev.

Let’s do it!


I know this would be a huge course (both in content and time), but worth it. There are a few game engine courses I was following that just stop. SO if you do this one, please make it complete, and finished. Do not let anything hanging.

I also vote for c# as script language!


This idea is great but is hard to imagine to cover all the topics than comes with the creation of a game engine, I would like to suggest that the engine focus in 2D games.

I hope this idea becomes reality!!


That depends. If you look at most engines now, they are 3D and implement 2D as part of it.


will this be in c++?