Bowling Animation

Lots of information missing in the tutorial in order to create an animation!

The plane on which everything sits should have a box type collider.

The centre of geometry not being placed at the centre of mass means the pins will never fall over. they will just wobble about.

The iterations used in the calculation needs to be incresed significantly as the ball is moving so quickly when it hits the pins.

The damping thresholds all need to be adjusted or all of the pins will eventually fall over (when the centre of mass is adjusted correctly) no matter what happens.

There were a few other problems which I have not written here but if anyone is interested I can go into much more detail.

I still have some intersection problems which I assume are due to locations, rotations and modifiers not being applied correctly. All solvable I think but not at the moment as I want to get on with the course!!

I have animated the camera, an empty which the camera points to an another empty which pulls the focus back slightly across the duration of the animation! All beyond what we have learned so far but I like them so I put them in!


Great animation, love the ball speed. Now we can clearly see the Blender physics in action.
Even the camera movement is pleasant.

great job!

Some students worked hard on the topic “Kitchen Robots”. Can you have a peek and vote? Thank you so much.

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Very nicely put together.

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