Blueprint Compile Error

Hello, me again.

After checking my c++ code for the 100th time I am still getting this error and I am unsure on how to fix it. from what I can tell, the blueprint is trying to create something that I have created in the c++ code.

Much help would be greatly appreciated


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Your UI blueprint?

yep, the UI blueprint

Sorry, I’m asking to see it.

oh, sorry. here is a screenshot of it:

And your code? Mainly interested in the header but cpp might be useful too.

header file:



Im not actually the TA for this course and I’m not seeing anything particularly wrong with that so… @sampattuzzi.

Could it be that the type isn’t the one listed in the C++? You have it there as UEditableTextBox.

An rebooting the editor is always a good shout.

@sampattuzzi restarting the editor didn’t help much, but unticking the ‘is variable’ removed the error ‘Tried to create a property’ which might be good.

the C++ type for the editable text references ‘EditableText.h’, is this what I want for the Reference in C++ instead of EdiatableTextBox?


changing it to UEditableText and including the correct header file fixed the issue.

Now to continue with the the game lol

That’s the ticket!

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