Blue Mood Lamp




Oh wow! I love the sleek design you went with. Here is my attempt:


Alec you lamp looks very elegant, Great shape and materials
and Greg, yours looks like a baby lamp to me =) i love it


Thank you Greg and Christian! I’m glad you liked it.

Greg, your lamp is cute, like Christian says! I especially like the color scheme, that red with the cyan-ish background. Very nice.


Very cool guys! I agree, @Alec_Graf 's is very sleek, and @Greg_Lively , yours is so cute & happy looking! :smiley:
Here’s what mine looks like at the moment:


That’s very impressive Brianna – lots of great details. The wire, the double lower stem, the bolts even! Great job.

I’m curious if the two parts of the lower stem each have their own bone…? :exploding_head::grinning:


your lamp is also great!! and yellow!! i love yellow :rofl:


These lamps looks great! I can almost reach out and touch them


I like that cold mood :smiley:
Personally I went the other way around ^^

I still find using emission materials on small objects close to the thing being lit up is tricky to use in a way that’s not super grainy, but in this case I used the emission material to make the bulb glow and a regular spotlight to act as the actual light source.


That’s a really impressive looking lamp there :slight_smile:


Love it! Looks like it’s very much ready to hop!


Welcome to the yellow lamps club :grinning:


This guy looked like he needed to be fire engine red to me :slight_smile:


Wow you guys have made some really nice looking lamps. @gaminghamster Does that accordion shape in the arm animate? @BriannaELeahy I’m also curious about how the lower arm of your lamp animates.

Really good stuff, everyone. :grinning:


Indeed it does, quite horribly though '^^ Confused jumping lamp
Pretty certain I used the wrong kind of contraints for that but that’s a lesson for another time ^^


Hey that’s not bad actually. Thanks for sharing!