Block Breaker paddle mouse movement not working

The paddle stays in the lower left corner no matter what I do. Once I apply the code (Rick’s code) the problem arises & in the video Rick does not have this issue.
2-d C# Unity Course Lesson 5-53 @15:15


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Is the camera position set to (8, 6, -10)?

See also:

No idea I’ll check that. Right now I have a bigger issue I can’t get OnTriggerEnter to work at all.

Does MonoBehaviour have the same colour as your classname? If not, there might be a problem with Visual Studio. Please watch lecture “Fixing Visual Studio Problems” (currently #4).

Yes thank you. Now I’m back to the original problem of the paddle staying in the lower left hand corner.

No it’s set to

Set the camera to (8, 6, -10) as seen in the video. Rick’s solution works only if you did exactly what he did.

I did that after you made the suggestion & got the same result. I started this lesson over 3 times & each time I get the same result. I tried to copy & paste Rick’s code but when I do that I get errors.

Then when I changed the camera Pos the paddle would stay locked in the middle instead of the bottom left.

In your screenshot, I can see that the Main Camera has got the wrong position. The position must match Rick’s. All settings in this game must match his. Otherwise, the code will not work. Please rewatch lecture “World Units & Play Space”.

Thank you. I’m finally on lesson 5-54.

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