Blender's own Video Editing workspace

Probably nothing new to most Blender veterans, but for beginners I thought I should mention Blender’s own Video Editing workspace as another option to turn the single rendered images into a video file.

I just recently learned about it myself and liked this feature. It made it very easy to add audio, titles and modifiers etc. Supports the usual Blender hotkeys as well, e.g. shift-a > Image Sequence > select images > Add Image Strip and you’re good to go. If you have multiple different scenes, you can add them as separate image strips, color-code them, split them, g for grab, shift-d to duplicate etc…

It may not be as powerful as a dedicated application like Premiere, but it worked really well for me with the video I made for another course. :slight_smile:


Yes it has been getting some updates recently too. Too often overlooked by tutors who revert to to the likes of Premier or DaVinci too easily. Far better to stay in Blender.


Yes, I used it all the time.
Fade-in/out, duplicating loops to make turn tables longer.

Davinvi, has an excellent color balancer, but you need to know what you are doing.
But for most grunt work, Blender video will do.


I use the video editor all the time. I feel that I should point out that it’s better to use the application template(Ctrl+n->Video Editing) if you are combining video and/or image sequence. Otherwise you will need to remember to change View Transform in color management(Properties editor->Render tab->Color Management panel) to standard. If you don’t you will get double color management which can distort the colors. Usually it just makes them darker, but sometime it will shift the hue.


I haven’t played around with the comp tool in blender, but from what I see you should be able to get most things done in Blender.

The camera tracker is maybe the one thing that you want to wrap your head around to position your objects correctly in your footage.

For composting your shots, I suggest using fspy. It extracts the camera settings from an image or video frame.

To make a scene look better, it boils down to adding imperfection, correct lighting and color grading. And for color grading, that is where Davinci Resolve’s strength comes into play. I use DaVinci + Fusion, mainly for post editing. Or do custom effects that have nothing to do with Blender.

DaVinci recently improved on 3D models. A quick test I made a while ago

IMHO, you won’t be able to do everything in one software, and should look at free video editors, such as HitFilm or DaVinci Resolve.


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